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Power trowel Oscar ุ 600

01875 Power trowel Oscar ุ 600

Ideal to trowel small cast floors and edges of large industrial floors. The construction of the power trowel allows a complete finishing of concrete floors until the edge of the wall and in dooropenings.


Dead man’s safety switch.
Crane hook.
Gas throttle on handle.
Foldable arm for easy transport and storage.
Finishing blades included.
Optional accessories:
- Finishing disc

Technical specifications

Motor: Honda GX160 5.5 hp
Transmission: V-belt, maintenance-free
Reduction: 1 : 19.5
Clutch: centrifugal clutch
Trowel diameter: 60 cm
Rotation speed: max. 125 rpm
Weight: 62 kg

  • Dimensions:

    164 x 64 x 100 cm
  • Item no.:

Power trowel Oscar ุ 600
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