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Pipe freezing machine Freeze Master 420D

02679 Professional pipe freezing kit

The Freezemaster 420D is very easy to use and will freeze any size of pipe from 8 mm to 42 mm. Just connect the specially designed freeze heads to the pipework, upstream and down-stream of the area you want to work on.
In as little as 5 minutes, two solid ice plugs are formed allowing you to carry out your repair work quickly and efficiently. It will freeze copper, iron, lead or plastic pipes.


No need to drain down plumbing systems to make repairs or alterations. If the cold water in the piping system is not flowing, sections can be isolated with ice plugs.

You can freeze both hot and cold pipes as well as large and small pipes with the same result.

Technical specifications

Voltage: 230 V
Power rating: 550 W
Weight: 23 kg
Freeze time: 5 - 45 min

  • Dimensions:

    36 x 30 x 34 cm
  • Item no.:

Freezemaster 420D
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