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Painting unit Airless Jolly with Trolley

04004 Painting unit Airless Jolly

Professional, very compact airless spray gun - fitted on frame - for nearly all primers, lacquer, varnish and latex.


As the paint is ejected under high pressure and without air, almost no mist is being produced.

Equipped with suction unit, spray gun ASM300 and 10 m hose.
Zip-Tip base and Zip-Tips in different sizes available.

Technical specifications

Max. delivery: 1,9 l/m
Motor power: 650 watt
Max. pressure: 220 bar
Voltage: 230 VAC
Weight on trolley: 16 Kg
Max. nozzle size: 0,021"
Min. power of power generator 4,0 Kw Singlephase

  • Dimensions:

    58 x 54 x 99,5 cm
  • Item no.:

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